Nosocomial infection control

The first Nosocomial Infection Control Committee (Comité de Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales - CLIN), was created at AURA at the end of the 1990s.

It developed a structure and organization from 2003 when the association set up an Operational Hygiene Team composed of professionals trained for and dedicated to this task with extensive experience in hemodialysis.

The infection prevention program has supported active reflection to improve the quality and safety of care, emphasizing the themes of hand washing, disinfection of skin and medical equipment, good practices in hemodialysis circuit manipulation, and providing a secure hospital environment.

This approach continues from year to year and is subject to an assessment schedule to measure the progress achieved and to define priority actions.
At the same time the institution leads a deliberate policy to prevent accidental exposure to blood by its personnel.

The AURA Nosocomial Infection Control Committee works in close collaboration with the drug and sterile medical devices committee (Comité du Médicament et des Dispositifs Médicaux Stériles - COMEDIMS) and its antibiotics subcommittee, as well as the Quality Department. Continuing training of health care personnel in good hygiene practices is carried out in partnership with the dialysis nurse training center Centre de Formation Infirmière Dialyse (FID) and the hygiene representatives in the units.

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